Bitburg is a very old city, situated on a plateau between the rivers Nims and Kyll. In the Roman era, Bitburg was next to the Trier-Kölner Strasse and was called Vicus Beda on the Roman maps.

The walls of the late Roman fort are partially preserved. Bitburg is a modern city with an important basis for government and economy and a center for growing all kinds of fruit. The busy vegetable and fruit market attracts many visitors from the surrounding area.

To visit in Bitburg

Bitte ein Bit - De Bitburger pils uit de gelijknamige stadBitburg is known for its Bitburger Pils, "Bitte ein Bit", the beer breweries can be visited. Then there are the Liebfrauenkirche in late Gothic style, the nave dates from the 15th century, the southern part of the 16th century and the northern part of the 19th century.

Annually in the second weekend in July the European Grenzlandtreffen takes place, accompanied with music and folklore.

In Bitburg, one will also find the Kreis Museum (Denkmalstrasse 6), where you will gain some insight into the history of the region. Located in the 'Haus Beda' is the Eifel Ardennes Museum with paintings about the Eifel from Fritz von Wille and some special findings of fossils.
Het centrum van Bitburg


The market takes place every 2nd Friday of the month on the Bedaplatz. It starts already in the early morning, so for bargain hunters, it is important to be on time.

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