The facilities of Camping In der Enz

Camping in der Enz is a four-star camping site and during your stay, you will have everything you need. Below you can find information about the facilities that can be used at Camping In der Enz.

Open air swimming pool Aqua-Fun

Swimming pool Aqua-Fun is adjacent to Camping In der Enz. It forms the basis of Freizeit & Sportanlage Neuerburg. The adventurous heated outdoor pool consists of various pools and beautiful lawns to sit, lie, and play on.

Toilet facilities

The bathrooms are located in the main building. All toilet facilities are new and clean: plain materials on the walls, safe slip-resistant tiles on the floor in a fresh and modern design.

Restaurant Enztal-Treff

Guests of Camping In der Enz can visit the adjacent Gaststästte Enztal Treff. The Gaststätte is in use as a snackbar from May through September.


Camping In der Enz continues to develop. One objective was to improve the collection and processing of waste, after in 2011 a step was put at this point.

Caravan & Camper servicepoint 

Camping Park In der Enz has a so-called Caravan & Motorhome Service.

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