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The Abbey of Prüm

The Benedictine Abbey of Prüm was founded by Bertrada of Mürlenbach in 721. Around the monastery, the city of Prüm developed to a cultural center of the Eifel region. As evidence of their favor, they donated two important relics of the monastery, now preserved in the Savior's Church. In 882 and 892 the Vikings destroyed the monastery and city.

Abt Regino, one of the most important abbots and historian of the Middle Ages, drew in the book of Prüm the names of more than three hundred cities and towns, and 893 property and legal claims. The abbeys' heyday was the largest monastery in the 13th century. It was Emperor Frederick II who elevated the place to principality (1222). After centuries of rivalry with the electorate of Trier in 1576 the Abbey lost its independence and was now governed by the princes of Trier.

In 1748, Elector Georg von Schönborn built the abbey into a baroque castle, to a plan of Balthasar Neumann. The works were only completed in 1912. The royal hall and chapter room are preserved. In 1802 the monastery was secularised by the French occupiers. The church was the parish church and former monastery buildings, a school and a divided court. Since 1975 there is the Regino-Gymnasium.

Visits only during the summer holidays.


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