Castles and Abbeys

Castles and Abbeys have greatly influenced the landscape of the Eifel. The Eifel is one of the German regions with the most castles. The approximate number of 140 castles in the Eifel are a proof of this. In the Middle Ages, the country was divided into small areas.

Abbey of Prüm

The Benedictine Abbey of Prüm was founded by Bertrada of Mürlenbach in 721. Around the monastery, the city of Prüm developed to a cultural center of the Eifel region.

Castle Eltz

Castle Eltz is one of the most important castles in Germany. Since 1157, it has been the residence of the Counts of Eltz. It took about 500 years to build.

Castles of Manderscheid

Well-known are the Obernburg and Niederburg. These two castles represent the history of the area, which was controlled by two power blocks.

Castle Rittersdorf

The water castle Rittersdorf belonged to the loan of the counts of Luxembourg and as such it was mentioned for the first time in a charter of 1263.

Abbey Maria Laach

The Abbey of Maria Laach is located in the Eifel region near Andernach (Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany).

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