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Restaurant Gaststästte Enztal Guests of Park Camping In der Enz can visit the adjacent Gaststästte Enztal Treff.The Gaststätte has a restaurant with good facilities and an fine kitchen.

A snack and a drink or a customized dinner

During your stay, Treff Enztal offers you the opportunity to enjoy a tasty snack and a drink. Besides food and drink of the menu, the restaurant can follow up any special wishes. For example, you could have a barbecue with a group, completely according to your wishes on.

Enztal Treff is located between the pool Aqua Fun and Camping Park In der Enz and as such, it is the gastronomic center of the leisure complex Neuerburg.

Gaststästte Enztal Treff:

In der Enz
D-54673 Neuerburg
For questions, please contact Camping Park In der Enz

Telephone: 0049(0)6564-2660
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